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Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities which improves teamwork, productivity and where appropriate profits.

— Edward de Bono

Case Studies

Industry: Power Backup & Power Conditioning Products

Client: Chennai-based, large manufacturer and supplier of high-capacity industrial UPS and inverters catering to customers across PAN India, Middle East.

Client Challenge:
In the game of power back systems, efficient after sales service is key to long-term success. The client manufactures high capacity industry UPS, inverters and power conditioning systems. Obviously, given the complexity of these products, there is a huge need for after sales service. Thus, the client runs a dedicated team of engineers to handle this function. However, given the scale of service operations spread various geographies, it has become difficult over the years for the client to manage the teams and improve the productivity. As a result, complaints from their customers began to rise and so did the overheads of the team – both of which are negatively impacting the client’s bottom lines.

In a nutshell, the client was looking bringing transparency in to the after sales service operations and improve productivity of the engineers and make them accountable for their tasks.

Our Solution:
The client signed in to deploy ServiceEaseTM in their after sales team with a hope to achieve the above mentioned objectives. The ServiceEaseTM mobile app was installed in the phones of all the engineers who go out on the field after service. Then the engineers were given the required training on using the app and they were instructed update their service calls through the app.

Client was overwhelmed to see a huge difference in the way the entire team functioned. Suddenly, everything became so transparent that the client can actually monitor the real-time performance of the team.
The following are key benefits that the client accrued through ServiceEaseTM:

  • As things became transparent, field engineers began to use their time and resources more effectively
  • There has been a considerable reduction in repeat calls, leading to reduction in costs
  • The app tremendously simplified the reporting process
  • With effective utilization of time and resources, the overall productivity and team efficiency increased multifold
  • ServiceEase is a self-driven application with alerts and reminders. This has resulted in improvement in number of calls closed per engineer
  • Thanks to the transparency in operations, planning and execution of service call was simplified to a large extent

TechnologiesPHP, MySQL, Web services, Android Mobile Application, Integration with SAP Modules in real time.

Industry: Automobile

Client: A SME software vendor catering to the automation needs of large automobile companies in the world.

Client challenge:
As part of the automation process, the client has to enter the vendors of their clients across the world and the automotive components (along with specifications) of those vendors. The total records of entry would run into millions of records. Till then the client had outsourced the data entry work to two different companies. There were transparency issues in the process and costs were escalating while the efficiency was going down. The client was facing time and cost overruns which were not were not being accepted by their clients.

Our Solution:
The client hired MRBIT to look into process transparency and improve the processes as a whole to achieve the desired goals. After thorough understanding of the client’s requirement and their existing processes, MRBIT offered

  • Refinement of the data entry process modules
  • Refinement of the their E-commerce modules
  • Development of proprietary software using the .NET platform that addressed the transparency issues

The proprietary software was designed to bring in transparency even from the lowest level of execution. It recorded run time of data entry operator, their rest time, and the idle time as well. This helped the client to oversee which terminal was working at what time and which was not working. Hence, the client paid only for the active run time and not for the idle time and rest time, thereby reducing costs.

Technologies: ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, Web Services, SOAP/XML

“Innovative solution to a SME automobile software vendor company to increase transparency and efficiency in operations and huge reduction in operational costs”

Industry: Banking & Financial Services

Client: One of largest and popular credit card companies in Sweden

The client had to generate volumes of leads to close in on the right customers for their credit card offerings. In the process, they used to make cold calls to the generated leads, explain the process and close the sale.

However, there was no system available with the client at the enterprise level to track the status of the leads and to manage them effectively. This led to issues of lack of transparency in lead management and lack of clarity over using the leads.

Our Solution:
MRBIT studied the lead generation process of the client thoroughly and developed a proprietary software system that could not only store and track any number of leads, but also provided effective reporting to the senior management. This helped the client with greater clarity on lead generation operations at the ground level and was able to plan ahead with greater accuracy.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Web services, Integration of custom software (windows services) to their call center equipment.

“Provided a complete lead management solution to our client to simplify the lead process”

Industry: Government

Client: Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India

The client conducted an actual population survey of domestic, tamed animals and birds (live stock) raised by human families across 4 districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The raw data collected by the field officers were scanned and converted to Excel sheets (CSV format). This intermediate data has to be manually converted again into the proper format and fed to the department’s database.

The department had the idea of hiring a big team of people to convert the CSV data into the right format. This was a manual process and could consume huge time for their team in the conversion process.

Our Solution:
MRBIT developed an automation process for this problem which could automate the conversion process and store the converted data directly into the database.

MRBIT developed proprietary software titled Data Xchanger for this purpose that could process the CSV data in batches and send the converted data to the database. Once ready with the Data Xchanger software and the SQL server installed, it hardly took 7 working days for the entire operation from start to finish. In this way the department saved expensive hiring costs of the team and the man hours they had to spend in converting the data.

Technologies: VB 6.0, MS SQL Server

“Processed more than 50 million records in 7 days with 4 team members with less than 0.2% error”

Industry: Retail

Client: A US-based retailer selling comic publications through both offline and online channels

The client was using legacy systems for offline channel and wanted to establish online presence and improve sales. However the legacy system was working on a different technical platform and was not compatible with integrating to the e-commerce channel.

Our solution:
The compatibility issue was resolved through developing specific and customized APIs for both the platforms. Then the POS system was integrated to web-based e-commerce platform.

“Helped a big retailer with integration of offline and e-commerce channels”

Industry: Government

Client: Department of the Urban Healthcare

The department was spending heavily to run the healthcare operations. All the processes were done manually and a lot of costs were being wasted unnecessarily for these efforts. Further there was no transparency among the department workforce and the field work force who conduct health camps at various locations.

Our solution:
MRBIT developed a proprietary Hospital Staff Management System that addressed all the issues of the department. When the entire workforce was brought under the system, the transparency of operations grew manifold. The department heads had clear knowledge of every single employee and their work assignments. This not only reduced the huge costs that the department was otherwise spending, but also increased the efficiency in the operations many times.

“Helped a healthcare management department with automation of processes and cost reduction”